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Example Documentation - XYZ Problem Identification

Preliminary Findings: (From Inititation)
Site:  XYZ Enterprises, Allsorts Industrial Park.
Current land uses:  Currently used as an industrial storage facility with around 60% of the site in bare soil, 20% with a gravel chip surface cover, and 20% of the site with a concrete slab/building cover.
Historic land uses:  Based on the Certificate of Title and aerial photos, the land was originally pasture, and then developed by a sawmilling company as a timber processing yard. Building consents indicate that the site underwent upgrades. The date of timber treatment plant installation is uncertain but possibly from the early 1970s. The use of boron is uncertain but use of PCP is unlikely as a nearby site owned by the same company apparently undertook this task (see records for STU Ltd). A diesel-fired boiler is used and there appears to be an underground diesel storage tank at the site.  Unconfirmed reports of waste dumping on the bank of the river.
Potential contaminants:  Copper, chromium, arsenic, boron, diesel.
Potential pathways: Based on regional council information, groundwater beneath the site is shallow at 2 m.  Groundwater is overlain with a 2-m-thick confining layer. Groundwater contamination is considered unlikely but information is not available for this site specifically. The ABC River is located on the eastern corner of the site and the site slopes towards this corner.
Potential receptors: Downstream river biota, downstream river users, down-gradient groundwater users, riparian biota, wetland biota.
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