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Introductory Risk Assessment

What is a contaminated site?

Who does what?

Why is it important?

What is risk management?

Risk assessment fundamentals

Risk assessment methods

Limitations of risk assessment

What are RA tiers?


Problem Identification

Receptor Characterisation

Exposure Assessment

Toxicity Assessment

Risk Characterisation

RM Decisions





This section is designed to provide information and methodological guidance for Tier 1 risk assessment of contaminated sites, in order to assist the following groups of people: 

  • Any assessor/investigator undertaking a Tier 1 risk assessment or site investigation; 
  • Regulatory authority staff from district or regional councils, or unitary authorities including environmental health officers, consent and compliance officers, and planners; 
  • Consultants in any field dealing with actual or potential contamination of any media; staff in research institutions, universities or polytechnics; medical officers of health, public health officers; and 
  • Lenders, valuers, insurers, loss adjusters, developers, purchasers, vendors, real estate agents, surveyors and other parties associated with transactions or developments involving land; 
  • Private landholders and site managers.

It also provides a comprehensive source of information for others in the issues and risks associated with site contamination on land in New Zealand including:

  • the nature of contaminated sites, 
  • questions of liability, 
  • roles and responsibilities, and 
  • potential risk management/remedial measures.

Anyone concerned with contaminated sites should understand the following concepts:

Here are some useful links:

A framework which leads you through the process of a risk assessment.
A fictitious example of XYZ Enterprises is used throughout this web site to provide examples of what is required at various stages for the various tasks. As previously noted, the example concentrates on ecological risk assessment rather than human health.  
Some key resources 
Where technical terms, phrases or abbreviations are used in the text of the web site, links are provided to a comprehensive Glossary for an explanation of terms used in risk assessment.

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