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Janet Dalton Gough

Research and Consultant

Taylor Baines and Associates

PO Box 8620


BSc. Mathematics (1968), University of Canterbury.

MCom. (Hons) Economics (1971), University of Canterbury.

Professional positions held

1997- present Independent Researcher/Consultant

Senior Policy Analyst ERMA New Zealand (part-time)

1994-1998 Senior Research Officer, Lincoln Ventures Ltd

1983-1993 Research Officer, Centre for Resource Management, Lincoln University

1980-1983 Research Economist, Agricultural Economic Research Unit, Lincoln College

1978-1979 PL/1 Programmer and Analyst for Cargill Grain Co Ltd, Winnipeg, Canada

1975-1977 Technical Associate in Statistics, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

1970-1974 Research Assistant and Data Analyst, Lincoln University


Professional Memberships

  • Member, Accreditation Review Panel (Environmental Management Systems), Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ)
  • Joint Member, Institute for Risk Research, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Member, Society for Risk Analysis (US)
  • Member, Risk Assessment and Policy Association (US)


  • Chair, MB/2/3, Standards Australia (SA) Committee for Environmental Risk Management
  • Member, SA and SNZ Risk Management Committee (AS/NZS 4360: Risk Management)
  • Chair, Lincoln University Biological Safety Committee

Other activities

  • Editor, RISKNET, private newsletter on risk issues with circulation of approximately 180.
  • Secretary, Governors Bay Community Association

Research and Consultancy capability

  • risk analysis including risk assessment, risk management, perceived and acceptable risk estimation, and risk communication
  • environmental decision making
  • economic assessments
  • decision analysis
  • survey and questionnaire design, and data analysis


Published papers and reports (principal author)

Gough, J.D. Johnston, D.J., McSaveney, M. 1999. Community response to Natural Hazard Risk Franz Josef Glacier. Institute for Geological and Nuclear Sciences (in press).

Gough, J.D. 1997. Environmental Risk and Risk Management. New Zealand Association of Scientists Meeting, October 1997.

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Gough, J.D., and Ball, R. J. 1995. The contribution of conservation lands to the West Coast regional economy. Research report to the Department of Conservation. February 1995. Information Paper No. 52. Centre for Resource Management and Lincoln Environmental. Lincoln University.

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Gough, J.D. 1992. Life is a risky business. Terra Nova. Issue 14, March 1992.

Gough, J.D. 1991. Risk comparisons as an approach to assessing environmental risk. Paper presented to the Risk Assessment Workshop: risk assessment of industrial and natural hazards, 21-22 August 1991, Wellington. (invited and refereed)

Gough, J.D. 1991. Risk communication: the implications for management. Information Paper No 33. Centre for Resource Management. Lincoln University.

Gough, J.D. 1991. Measuring perceived and acceptable risk: an application of survey approaches. Information Paper No. 24. Centre for Resource Management. University of Canterbury and Lincoln College.

Gough, J.D. 1991. What is environmental risk management? Risk Management for New Zealand Business. No 14.

Gough, J.D. 1990. A review of the literature pertaining to `perceived' risk and `acceptable' risk and the methods used to estimate them. Information Paper No. 14. Centre for Resource Management. University of Canterbury and Lincoln University.

Gough, J.D. 1990. Water allocation for multiple use: an application in the Upper Waitaki catchment of New Zealand. Paper presented at the International Symposium on Water Resource Systems Application, Winnipeg, Canada, 12-15 June 1990. (invited and refereed)

Gough, J.D. 1990. Risk perceptions and the determination of acceptable risk. Paper presented to the IPENZ Conference, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington, New Zealand, February 12-16 1990 (invited and refereed).

Gough, J.D. 1989. A strategic approach to the use of environmental impact assessment and risk assessment within the decision-making process. Information Paper no. 13. Centre for Resource Management. University of Canterbury and Lincoln College.

Gough, J.D. 1988. Risk and Uncertainty. Information Paper no 10. Centre for Resource Management. University of Canterbury and Lincoln College.

Gough, J.D. 1987. Water and Soil Modelling for Water Allocation. Paper presented to the New Zealand Association of Soil Conservators Annual Conference, University of Canterbury, May 1987.

Gough, J.D. and Kerr, I.G.C. 1987. Water allocation in the Upper Waitaki. Soil and Water. Spring 1987. Vol. 23 No 3 pp 13-16.

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Gough, J.D., Kerr, I.G.C. and Buxton, Robert, 1986. An Analytical Approach to Water Allocation in the Upper Waitaki Catchment. Volumes 1 & 2. Report to the Waitaki Catchment Commission and Regional Water Board, September 1986.

Gough, J.D., 1985. Mt Cook National Park Visitor Survey. Paper presented to the Non-Market Goods Workshop, University of Canterbury, November, 1985.

Gough, J.D. editor, 1985. Review of Waitaki Water Resource Management Information. Centre for Resource Management Discussion Paper, February 1985.

Gough, J.D., Kerr, G., and Sharp, B.M.H., 1984. Economic Benefit Evaluations. Paper presented to People and Parks Seminar, Lincoln College, August 1984.

Gough, J.D. and McCarthy, O., 1975. The Ambulance Facility Location Problem - a Survey of Methods and a Simple Solution. AERU Research Report no 73.

Co-authored papers and reports

Harte, M. And Gough, J.D. 1999. Sustainability, uncertainty and environmental policy: lessons from New Zealandís pastoral high country. In: Norton, T. W., Handmer, J. W., and Dovers, S. R. Ecology, Uncertainty and Policy: Managing Ecosystems for Sustainability. Blackwells (in press).

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Baines, J.T., and Gough, J.D. 1992. Risk management strategies for the long run use of resources - the impact of climate change on agriculture. Information paper no. 38. Centre for Resource Management. Lincoln University.

Cussins, T., OíHalloran, K., Lilburne, L., Cochrane, P., Hickey, C., Sheppard, D., Gough, J., Wickstrom, M., and Eason, C. 1999. Ecological risk assessment at contaminated sites in New Zealand. Paper presented to the Waste Management Institute, New Zealand Incorporated Annual Conference, November 1999

Macer, D., Bezar, H., and Gough, J.D. 1991. Genetic engineering in New Zealand: science, ethics and public policy. Information Paper no. 27. Centre for Resource Management. Lincoln University.

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Brodie, R.J., Moffitt, R.G. and Gough, J.D., 1984. The Demand for Milk: An Econometric Analysis of the New Zealand Market. AERU Research Report no 147, January 1984.

Leathers, K.L. and Gough, J.D., 1984. Farmland Valuation in an Inflationary Economy with Implications for Public Policy. AERU Research Report no 187, 1984.

Leathers, K.L. and Gough, J.D., 1983. Economics of Size and Efficiency in New Zealand's Sheep and Beef Sector. Paper presented to the Australian Agricultural Economics Society (New Zealand Branch), Annual Conference, Wellington, August 1983.

Leathers K.L. and Gough, J.D., 1982. Farmland Pricing and Returns in an Inflationary Economy. Paper presented to the New Zealand branch of the Australian Economics Society, 1982 Conference.


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