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 Linda Lilburne


 Landcare Research

 P.O. Box 69, Lincoln

Academic qualifications:

BSc, Victoria University (Mathematics), 1983

MSc, Otago University (Information Science), 1996

PhD started 1998.

Professional positions held:

1996-present Scientist, Landcare Research; spatial modelling and decision support systems

1994-1996 GIS Programmer, Landcare Research; development of tools to enable sustainable management of high country natural resources.

1992–1993 Project Leader, Digital Equipment Corp, Christchurch; manage team designing and developing a system to manage Telecom NZ’s digital network.

1989–1991 GIS Consultant, MVM Consultants, Bristol, UK; analyse, design, develop and manage GIS solutions for local authorities

1988–1989 Analyst/Programmer, DOSLI, Wellington; modifications to cadastral GIS

1986–1988 Analyst/Programmer, University of Exeter; statistical analysis and management of financial data.

Present research/professional speciality:

  • The effects of scale and scaling on environmental data and modelling.
  • Spatially distributed modelling.
  • DSS technology in environmental management
  • Integration of artificial intelligence technology, in particular expert systems, with geographic information systems (GIS).


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