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Site Characterisation Tools

There are an increasing number of models designed to assist with the manipulation and analysis of spatial information. 


Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) is a Windows 95 environmental software package. It incorporates tools from various fields, including visualisation, geospatial analyses, statistical analysis, human health risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis, sampling design, and decision analysis, into an interactive environment. Each of these modules can be used independently or in an integrated fashion to address site-specific concerns in the characterisation and remedial action design.

SADA was designed to simplify and streamline several of the processes in environmental characterisation and to bring the information together to help site investigators make decisions about site management options. SADA is particularly useful to display and manipulate site data within a spatial framework.

The developers of SADA propose to integrate ecological and human risk assessment within one software platform. It is proposed that SADA will be supported by an accompanying database of ecotoxicological information concerning species, life history parameters, chemical toxicity, and bioaccumulation.

The developers proposed to provide site investigators with more-current and more advanced methods for assessing risk than those commonly applied. A multimodelling approach will be developed to provide some traditional modelling tools (such as aggregated and matrix models).

Other Potentially Useful Site Characterisation Models 

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